The New Fun Workshop Program
Where You Get to Find Out About Yourself and Others



         WHAT KIND OF DOG ARE YOU WORKSHOPS are fun, interactive programs based on the principle that people choose their favorite dogs, even identify with them, whether they own them or not, since these dogs have different characteristics and personality traits which they share or are drawn to. 


        The workshops are designed to be adapted to different types of groups, depending on the primary interest of participants -- to have fun and meet others, to meet potential dates and mates, to better understand oneself and others, to further personal and professional growth, to improve relationships with others, and to better motivate and manage employees in the workplace.  But whatever the workshop's primary focus, it is designed to be lighthearted and fun.


          Here’s a brief overview of the workshop program, which is now being developed and tested in the San Francisco Bay Area with small groups of about 8-12 people.   We invite you to participate in one of these groups or put one of these groups together with your friends or a social or church group you belong to.  There is no charge.  We just want you to enjoy the program, gain insights from it, and give us feedback so we can make this even better.


           Then, after the program is further developed and tested here, we plan to create a network of facilitators around the country put on these programs using the guidelines we develop. 





           The workshop is planned for 2-3 hours, depending on the size and interest in the group, and can eventually be turned into a 1-day or 2-day program.  It will be structured into the following phases:


·        Meeting and Greeting – 15-20 minutes

          This is for people to arrive, meet each other, socialize, get nametags (shaped like dog tags).


·        Welcome and Introduction – 5-10 minutes

          The program facilitator will briefly explain what will happen, noting that people will first choose their favorite type of dog and then will organize into pairs or small groups based on their choices.  Then, to help people make their choices, the facilitator will present a short PowerPoint presentation or video (about 5 minutes) that introduces the 8 major types of dogs and features the most popular breeds in each category.


·        Making Choices – 10-15 minutes

          Now each person will be given a What Kind of Dog Are You Choice Form on which to make their choice and write down their reasons for choosing that dog and what they most like about it.

          Then, depending on the size of the group, participants will take turns sharing their choices and reasons with the whole group, in a group of 2-3 people, or with a partner.


·        Getting Into Groups by Type of Dog – 5-10 minutes

          The facilitator will collect all of the What Kind of Dog Are You Choice Forms, review them, and group people together who have chosen the same or similar types of dogs.  There will be at least 2 people in a group, and depending on the choices of participants and number in the workshop, people will be grouped by a particular breed or group of dog.  While the facilitator is doing this, people can informally chat in their groups.

          Then, the facilitator will call out who goes in what group and give people cards or posters representing the type of dog selected by that group.   These groups will now be called “Dog Teams,” and people will participate in various activities in these groups and have a chance to share what happened in their team, so they compare the differences between their group and others.


·        Team Activities – 1 ½-2 hours

          The particular activities will vary depending on the nature of the group and the main interests of participants.   They can be oriented towards just fun socializing, towards increased personal understanding, towards improving understanding and personal relationships with others, or towards improved relationships in the workplace.   The facilitator will draw from a variety of activities and will adapt them to the interests and size of the particular group. 


·        Concluding Wrap-Up – 15-30 minutes

          Now participants will share on their experience and give feedback on the workshop program.  Participants will take about 5 minutes to fill out feedback forms, and then will share variously with each other in their teams, with others in other teams, or with the whole group.  Then, the facilitator will collect their forms.


·        Refreshments and More Socializing – 20-30 minutes

          The program will conclude with an informal period of socialization.


         We are now developing guidelines and exercises to be used with groups that have different types of interests.   If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, we invite you to contact us about participating in one of our programs -- either in one of the programs we organize or in a group of 8-20 people you put together for one of our facilitators.   Please call or e-mail us to make arrangements.