DO You Look Like Your Cat?










Welcome to Do You Look Like Your Cat?  Lots of people do, and we invite you to send in your photos for our new book, contest, and reality/game show.  We welcome photos from anywhere -- as long as the photos might be featured in a mainstream book or on network TV. 

We're a companion site to the Web sites: Do You Look Like Your Dog? and   Do You Look Like Your Mate?  The idea for this site came out of interviews about why people look like their dogs.  After many interviewers asked: "How about cats?  Don't people look like their cats, too?" we created this new site for owners with cats.  So if you have a cat or know someone who does, this site is for you. 

The book that started it all, Do You Look Like Your Dog, was published by Broadway Books/Random House in January 2004, and since then has been featured on Good Morning America, on a CNTV talk show, in the Washington Times, on dozens of radio programs, and more.  

We've posted a few photos to get started and invite you to send in photos of you and your cat.  Then, as we get in your photos, we'll post them on the Web site.  Here are our first entrants -- from Iowa and Australia. 

Details on the book, contest, TV show, and prizes for winners will follow soon.

You can send in photos by e-mail or regular mail.  Just include your names, address, phone, e-mail, and permission to consider your entry for the book, contest, or TV show.  Our address and e-mail is:

Do You Look Like Your Cat?
6114 La Salle, #358
Oakland, CA 94611